Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa Temple

Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa Temple

Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple

Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa temple, probably the most outstanding with historical Dharmasasthav charming temples in the country, is situated in the middle of the green forested acres of the Periyar Tiger Sanctuary in Kerala, India. Completely enclosed by fresh eco-friendly plants in the territory of the Jungle cat, the Sabarimala temple is thronged by countless fanatics throughout for each and every season, which makes it most probably without doubt one of the world’s biggest annual pilgrimages, even though one and only gents being permitted in the temple areas are a place of fantastic discussion and therefore controversy in the most recent days. The temple’s spot in a hilltop, at an altitude of 468 meters above indicates seashore level, in the hill ranges of the Western Ghats makes up for a beautiful look.

The woodland with exciting flora together with fauna like a carpet across the temple property is named ‘Poomkavanam’ in the local tongue. It is actually flanked by eighteen mountains each and everyone with a temple together with them and even the entire pilgrimage to arrive at the primary shrine consists of an extended voyage of four kilometres done by walking through the full woodland.

The Sabarimala temple

Sabarimala Ayyappa temple is located in Pathanamthitta district in the state of Kerala. It is enclosed by mountains as well as dense jungle Sabarimala is believed to be the place at which Ayyappan meditated. Perhaps the most widely known pilgrimage desired destinations in Kerala is the Sabarimala. Sabarimala temple is extremely important for their all-consuming and also liberal strategy, that is certainly among the uncommon Hindu Historic temples allow admirers of each and every religion and also faith. Almost all pilgrims travelling to the temple are taken care of while “Ayyappa” regardless of caste, ethnicity, spirituality together with public standing. Since the ‘Travancore Devaswom Board’ who handles the Sabarimala temple will keep at it, this kind of a regal strategy of the temple maintains the most appropriate energy of the ‘Tatvmasi’.

There is also a spot close to the Sabarimala temple, focused on a Sufi saint, ‘Vavar’, a good friend and even close associate of   Lord Ayyappa, generally known as the ‘Vavarunada’, therefore an air of spiritual harmonious relationship prevails. The fabulous Sabarimala Temple is really exclusive in their positioning and also bears a component to ‘modernity’ in its own fact that gives some kind of sanctity. From the maintenance of a friendly strategy to adopting technological innovation in its wake, which is really is really an up to date location of devotion!

The Pilgrimage to Sabarimala



The pilgrimage to the Sabarimala temple is certainly going on between November to January along with the supporters are anticipated to carry out selected customs, are going to retain a 41 day rapidly, restrict any specific carnal enjoyment together with totally having a vegetarian eating habit, absolutely no alcoholic beverages and also smoking cigarettes but certainly not even shaving your face.

It will be extremely a male pilgrimage as adult females restrict the temple property. A lot of pilgrims still carry out the standard path, trekking barefoot via the irregular thick jungles. Pilgrims take a dip in the Pampa Waterway before getting into the temple property. The entire strengthen gets to a carnival-like natural environment. From the Pampa Waterway, many pilgrims travel the extreme hill way to Sabarimala. Faith, belief and intrigue similar obtain the pilgrims; for certain, it really is also just a few cultures and also into spirituality. Wearing black, coloured or blue garments, the Sabarimala pilgrims wait in almost endless Qs only to acquire 1 sight of the inside of the primary shrine.

Conditions for pilgrimage

Pilgrims need to undertake an ascetic the way of life before hiking the hill, and also abstention from consuming, smoking cigarettes, as well as tobacco for a time period of a minimum of a week before hiking the mountain rock; abstention from consuming any specific non-vegetarian food or even each and every food made from roots of plants. Food products should really be consumed merely the only after bathing together with praying, as well as in limited quantities. Pilgrims are also to refrain from sexual relations, shaving, having a haircut and also using luxuries such as perfumes, scents, silk clothes and shoes.

Historical past of Sabarimala

Lord Ayyappa is the son of Vishnu and Shiva. Ayyappa = Ayya (Shiva) + Appa (Lord Vishnu). There may be a fascinating story behind the arrival of Lord Ayyappa (or precisely how Ayyappan was given birth to) – The almighty of the Sabarimala Mountain Temple in Kerala. The famous story states that after Goddess Durga wiped out the demon emperor Mahishasur, his sister Mahishi set to obtain revenge on her brother’s loss of life. She carried away Lord Brahma’s boon which merely the only a kid given birth to from Lord Shiva as well as Lord Vishnu would most likely kill her or even, in other words, it intended she was indestructible.

As a result, Vishnu incarnated as a good looking woman called Mohini and wed Lord Shiva and away from the reach of their relationship, Swamy Ayyappa was born. The most ancient past financial records regarding Sabarimala can be found in the articles of Xuanzang. Since par Legends, the temple of Sabarimala was constructed by Parasurama. The warrior-sage, who was understood to possess reclaimed the area of Kerala from the ocean. He consequently recognized this huge temple to guard Kerala against harmful components, since an element of the 5 ‘Panchashastha’ historic temples. In Sabarimala, Lord Ayyappan was worshipped since a ‘Brahmachari’ in a state-run of never-ending joy and delight, who frightened this private residence in the wild to be able to ‘meditate’.


The motor vehicles transporting the pilgrims to Sabarimala from the different areas of the world are pooled at Erumeli. An Ayyappa Temple has been designed at this point and also its idol is basically in the form of an archer. An archer, without doubt, is bowed upon striking a target. This means that the devotee is going to concentrate on his goal of getting the appearance of the Lord IE, God-realization. The pathway of God-realization is not smooth and also comfortable, but filled with trials as well as tribulations. The route more advanced than Erumeli, full of pains together with perils, represents this.

The brand name of the place ‘Erumeli’ owes its origin to the episode of killing ‘Mahishi’. ‘Maharishi’ is Sanskrit word whose Malayalam parallel is ‘Eruma which means she-buffalo. ‘Eruma ‘ was killed off at this location by Manikanta. So the location came to be typically known as ‘Erumakkolli’, which later on degenerated into ‘Erumeli’.


‘Pettathullal’ at Erumeli is an impressive occasion throughout the time of the pilgrimage. The pilgrims colouring themselves in dots and stripes with ashes, saffron and additionally carbon and also appear odd-looking holding arrows, clubs, bundles which include vegetables and fruits associated with the top. With the Kanni Ayyappas in the front rank, they start to dance rhythmically to the accompaniments of drums together with cymbals. Pettathullal begins from the tiny shrine and thus continues to the major temple. As the dancers get to the major temple the branches of tree limbs are thrown away on its roof they usually circumambulate the temple. After the burning of camphor before the deity, the dance is coming to the conclusion. It is usually necessary for the important part of Kanni Ayyappans to get involved in Pettathullal…

Accessible Periods of Sabarimala Temple

Located through this kind of an isolated spot in the Pathanamthitta area bordering Tamil Nadu, carefully wrapped in forested acres as well as wildlife, the Sabarimala temple specialized in Ayyappan, is just accessible for a devotion couple of occasions a year at particular durations, throughout the time of ‘Mandalapooja’ (mid-November to December end), Makar Sankranti (January), Maha Vishuva Sankranti (April), as well as very first 5 days of each and every Malayalam month.

Sabarimala Temple Through the internet Reservation, As soon as possible accommodation together with Queue

Travancore Devaswom Board, which handles the Sabarimala temple possesses an internet that delivers a variety of services to pilgrims. Devotees may easily reserve overnight accommodation at the temple property. All slots in queues and even create electronic options for the Lord during this on the internet facility! Again, ‘Sabarimala Electronic Q’ is a move by the Kerala Police, (HTTP://, that could be a web-based Portal for supporters to reserve slots on different queues managed by the police forces, for which discount coupons are dispatched by electronic mail upon reservation.

Important Poojas

Neyyabhishekam is one of the most very important delivering to Lord Ayyappan. The ghee-filled coconut is needed to carry out this routine. The practice will begin at four AM and also proceeds until Ucha Pooja (one PM).

The Poojari after accomplishing the Neyyabhishekam are going to bring back a part of the ghee returning to the devotee. The ghee received from the Srikovil is consumed back as a heavenly Prasadam. The ghee represents the human spirit and by means of the Abhishekam of the ghee on Lord Ayyappa. The energy merges with the best being.

Right after the ghee is stripped away from the coconut. Thereafter, the coconut is a symbol of Jadam or even a solid physical structure. Which is exactly the main reason why the coconut is afterwards placed in the big Aazhi or even open fire?

Paddy Pooja – It will be the eighteen sacred basic steps. ‘Pathinettampadi’ is kept on deciding on days after the flowered floating of the idol generally known as ‘Pushpabhiskeham’. This Pooja can be carried out in the evening. It is accomplished by the Tantri, in the existence of the Mel Santhi. The hour-long ceremony by beautifying the Holy Steps with blossoms and silk cloths. After illumination, conventional lights on each one stage concluded with accomplishing “Aarathi” by the Thantri.

Udayasthamana Pooja – Udayasthamaya pretty much signifies from sunrise to sunset. Which means that it indicates devotion from sunrise to sunset. Udayasthamana Pooja can be carried out from early morning to dusk (from Nirmalyam to Athazha Pooja).


Sahasrakalasam – is rewarding to Hariharaputhra (Sri Dharmashastha). According to the Tantric Veda and Agama Shastras with the intention of planning a piece of good fortune for the happiness of the human. It will be the attractive work to invoke almost all the holy mood making use of everything.

Ulsavabali – This ritual comes down to the appearing of Paani. It is specialized in the Bhoothaganams (acquaintances of the presiding deity) and Paani is supposed to attract the Bhoothaganams. Whenever the sprinkling of the prepared rice over the Saptha Maathrukkal is finished. The Thidambu of the presiding deity is removed from the Sanctum Sanctorum to provide you with prayers. Ulsava Bali is kept included in the yearly festival in the Lord Ayyappa Temple.

Puspabhishekam – It is the showering of bouquets on Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala. The flower arrangements and departs which have been used in Pushpabhishekam. These rituals are the lotus, Tulsi (Basel), Jamanthi, Mulla (Jasmine), Arali. A devotee who would like to execute Pushpabhishekam at Sabarimala needs to reserve well in advance.

Vibhuti, Honey, Panchamrutam, Milk, Tender coconut water, Sandalwood as well as Chandanam, Rosewater together with Paneer, Normal water.

(Please be aware that Ashtabhishekam provided in Hindu Spirituality differs from temple to temple)

Kalabhabhishekam is an essential special Pooja generally carried out in the building up of the Chaitanya of the Deity. Included in Kalabhabhishekam, Thantri carried out the Kalabhakalasa Pooja at the Nalambalam in the existence of Melsanthi.

Kalabhakalasabhishekam, taking note of the summary of the ritual by serving the sandalwood liquid paste on the idol of Lord. It is conducted throughout the Ucha Pooja by the Thantri. After the procession taking the golden urn obtaining sandal gel for the Kalabhabhishekam around the Sreekovil.

Laksharchana – ARCHANA signifies “chanting and glorifying the Wonderful name”. LAK indicates 100, 000. It’s the name and rehearses of duplicating in a bunch, the term of the Lord by means of a Mantra.

Later on, Thantri, made it much easier for by Melsanthi a couple of additional priests carry out Laksharchana at the Sannidhanam.



Time (IST)


The opening of Sanctum Sanctorum,
3:00 AM
Ganapati Homam3:30 AM
NeyyabhishekamFrom 3:30 to 7:00 AM
Usha PoojaFrom 7:30 AM
NeyyabhishekamFrom 8:30 – 11:00  AM
Using Ghee deposited in ‘Neythoni’
11:10 AM
Ashtabhishekham (15 nos)From 11:00 to 11:30 AM
Ucha Pooja12:30 PM
The closing of sanctum sanctorum1:00 PM


The opening of sanctum sanctorum3:00 PM
Deeparadhana6:30 PM
PushpabhishekamFrom 7:00 to 9:30 PM
Athazha PoojaFrom 9:30 PM
The closing of sanctum sanctorum
11:00 PM

For Advance booking for overnight accommodation in Devaswom guesthouses get in touch with:

Devaswom Commissioner,
Travancore Devaswom Board, Nanthancode,
The Accommodation Officer,
Maramoth Complex,
Sabarimala, Kerala

Hospital Facilities

The Well-being Unit of the Govt of Kerala operates allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurvedic clinics at Sannidhanam and even Pampa.  A cardiology units services at the Neelimala and Pamba. It is close to the Pamba Maramath Complex, in assistance of the Amrita Institute of Healthcare Sciences, Kochi.

Along with these amenities, certain outside Kerala establishments carry out free of charge health care camps for swamis throughout festivals. They may be at Sannidhanam and Pamba, and along the corners of the route leading to the Sannidhanam.

Adequate ambulance companies can be found at Pamba.

Most important Directions for making a visit to Sabarimala

Recently there may not be any kind of energy stations on Vadasserikkara-Pamba journey. Fill up your personal tanks and keep as much as necessary quantities at Vadasserikkara. However a fuel station is working at Pamba, availability of petrol and also diesel will never be guaranteed.
If your automobile has any kind of minor maintenance kindly fix it prior to deciding to enter the ghat area. You are unable to look for workshops at all locations. Always keep essential spare parts, together with the toolkit with you. And no need to forget that additional tire
There are so many workshops at Erumely, Pathanamthitta, Vadasserikkara, and so on.

Open public Telephone Booths with STD and services can be found at Sabarimala. Postal Service features at Sabarimala for the duration of Mandala Pooja and also Makaravilakku the seasons anytime at Pampa during every season. Mobile phone service is authorized everywhere during the pilgrimage period of this time, even though not inside the temple.

Dolly ( Pallakku – transporting one devotee in the lounge chair ) is obtainable for the usage of the elder people. All the unhealthy as well as to the impaired pilgrims are able to use these facilities. Sabarimala is a “No Smoking” place and smoking cigarettes is totally not allowed. Utilizing plastic material components, storage containers, and hold handbags are completely disallowed.

Sabarimala Temple

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