Why is Monsoon the Best Time to Visit Kerala?

Why is Monsoon the Best Time to Visit Kerala?

Why is Monsoon the Best Time to Visit Kerala Tour?

Monsoon season between June and August is the best time to visit Kerala tour. This monsoon creates magic in Kerala. Kerala has two rainy seasons, it starts from June to July. Raining again mid-October and ends around mid-November. You can enjoy the cool darkness of the monsoons and heavy rain. The temperatures range from most of 29 to 23° centigrade. Let us discuss some reasons that may help you understand the real needs of visiting Kerala tour during monsoon season.

Kerala Weather and Climate

The weather in Kerala is generally separate into three seasons:-

  1. The cool and dry season starting from December to February. (This is the peak tourist season).
  2. The hot and humid Summer season starting from March to May.
  3. Monsoon season starting from May to November. (Heavy rain).

Kerala is a very rainy state. This rain contributes to its dense greenery.

Kerala Tour

The Sound of the Rain:

Rain helps you fall asleep fast and it brings everything to you fresh. The rains beautify the picturesque state of Kerala. The Southwest Monsoon arrives in June has the name Edavappathy. The Monsoon season, the atmosphere becomes dust-free and cool.

Kerala biggest festival, Onam:

Onam is an essential harvesting festival of Kerala this festival is going to last for ten days. Its celebrate somewhere around the time of monsoon. A flower bed or flower arrangements named as ‘Pookalam’ are set up in front of the house to welcome Vishnu and Mahabali. The ordering of flowers in a special pattern which forms beautiful designs has the name as Pookalams. Onam Sadhya is a special meal for at least of 26 different types of vegetarian food items are dished up on a plantain leaf.

Best Time For Ayurvedic Treatments:

Best time to undergo an Ayurveda treatment is throughout the months of monsoon. Travelers visit Kerala to have the Kerala Massage and Ayurvedic treatments. The post-treatment period is very crucial for the body for that reason the cool monsoon weather allows you to cool down as your body. All Ayurveda centers offering the best packages in Kerala.

Scenic Overflowing Waterfalls:

Kerala is one of the best waterfalls destinations in India. The waterfall and stream are live after the monsoon all over Kerala state. The waterfalls are full throughout monsoon season. At the time of the monsoon time, the river overflows turn out to be live. The beauty of all glittering waterfalls multiplies for the period of the monsoon. Athirapally is the largest waterfall and one of the famous tourist attractions in Kerala.

Great Discounts:

Check out all the latest offers on holidays in Kerala. There are many travels provide good discounts on Kerala tour packages. Online booking may attract a lot more customers in the off-season to allow you to come across the less expensive one. Hotels, airlines and restaurants offer huge discounts to attract customers. In peak season, all the tourist destinations of Kerala are congested with tourists. We recommend you to visit Kerala for the period of off-season. Here are our top 5 picks of the best beaches in Kerala.


Here are our top 5 best beaches in Kerala

  1. Kovalam Beach
  2. Varkala Beach
  3. Kozhikode Beach
  4. Bekal Beach
  5. Cherai Beach


Best Time to Visit Kerala Tour

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